The Tentmasters Guild was formed in 1992 to formalise the standing of the time honoured profession of Tentmaster.

Individual membership is free.

In an increasingly complex and ‘high tech’ world, the Tentmaster performs a task carried out since the dawn of history. With the advent of new regulations, working practices, and types of equipment, there is a real need for a cohesive approach to the acquisition of new knowledge. In addition to this, permanently installed fabric membranes are being used in ever greater quantities.

The guild’s aims are to help it’s members to meet these changes with advice, knowledge, and education. The objectives of the guild are:

  • To provide an increased working knowledge of the technology and working practices available to the Tentmaster.
  • To provide a wider understanding of the varied and diverse sections of this field of knowledge.
  • To provide communication between the Guild, legislators, examiners and end users.
  • To educate in terms of safe working practices and new developments, and to promote awareness of the guild education activities to a wider sphere.
  • To provide a training course for Tentmasters with written, oral, and practical examinations, part of which may involve the setting of training standards, and to monitor the performance of tent masters.
  • To provide an international repository of the accumulated experience of tent masters, to create a technical library, and a technology database of both temporary and permanently installed structures.