The Guild accepts applications from people working in all areas of the membrane structure business. This has now been widened to include those who specify, hire or certify, in fact anyone with an interest in large portable structures. Individual membership is free. This site is intended to provide a forum for employers, contractors, clients, legislators and examining officers to keep up to date with current trends and issues. Applicants are particularly welcomed from those with experience of fabric structure erecting, manufacture and installation in the mobile and permanently installed fields of operation. You can REGISTER HERE.

All applicants, after registration, are automatically entered into our database and receive full access to our general data such as current regulations, Euro Norms (British Standards) and guidance documents from regulatory bodies. We also wish for Guild Members to publish any issues they may have had in real world incidents

Membership Status

Associate Members – all who register.

Tentman – crew with experience of working on fabric structure manufacture or installation.

Tentmaster – experienced persons who have proved they have the skills to erect and operate either portable covered stages, membrane structures or permanently installed tension structures. Only Tentmasters can vote on significant changes to the Guild rules.

Corporate Members – Companies and bodies who wish to join the Guild or who employ Guild members.

Applicants for full membership must have had direct control of the erection process, not just as crew. The guild does wish to encourage those people who require further education and knowledge of the profession. In addition, the guild wishes to encourage a better understanding of the design and manufacturing process’s required for tentmaking. The applicants must have had direct involvement with the decision making and specifying of materials for manufacture. Companies are welcome to join as associate members to provide the technical links for the understanding of modern technology.

The guild’s position is that initially all people joining will be associate members. As a curriculum and examination procedure are established by the guild and its elected review body, the members at that time will be called members in waiting. They will only become full members (Tentmaster) after formal examination. Members who prove to their peers that they have the requisite skills and experience will be granted the title of Tentmaster and full membership. It is a basic tenet of the guild that the only requirement of the applicant be his ability as a tent master. There will be no black balling, and no ethics committee. The guild has a mandate to determine professional competence only. It is the policy of the guild to remain independent of links to other associations unless formally approved by vote.

Corporate members will remain associate members, and cannot vote. They will be asked for voluntary donations towards Guild costs.

The Guild reserves the right to refuse membership without reason.