The Installation Examinations will be in two stages, written and oral.

The Written Examination will include questions on the following:

  • Documentation
  • Loading, Handling, (Inc. Manual Handling Regulation)
  • Transport
  • Health & Safety
  • Site Inspection
  • Marking out
  • Assembly- Lacing together
  • Erection
  • Dressing out
  • Signing off

The Oral Examination will include questions on the following:

  • Man Management
  • Quality of Installation
  • General Knowledge on Tentage

The Guild's position is that initially all people joining will be associate members. As a curriculum and examination procedure are established by the guild and its elected review body, the members at that time will be called members in waiting. They will only become full members (Tentmaster) after formal examination. Members who prove to their peers that they have the requisite skills and experience will be granted the title of Tentmaster and full membership. It is a basic tenet of the guild that the only requirement of the applicant be his ability as a tent master. There will be no black balling, and no ethics committee. The guild has a mandate to determine professional competence only.